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When you find the right deal, funding is easy because we get you the money first.

About Us

Financing is fundamental to the start and success of any investor.  We improve your success rate by getting you final approval before you find deals which allows you to aggressively make offers that you know you can close.  We have funding solutions for every level of real estate investor. We have selected the fastest and investor friendly funding sources to partner with. Our lenders understand your needs. We have asset based lenders as well as investor friendly lenders who understand that passion plays a huge roll in the success of today’s investor.  Our goal is to remove the hassle of funding and allow the investor to focus on strategy and execution of their real estate plan. By providing optimal results for our clients, and predicting the approval patterns of lenders in our database, we strive to both be the industry leader in the unsecured business capital market, and to transition our business model and data farming management system to other sectors of lending as well.

People Matter Most

Our team has spent the better part of 5 years networking with lenders to provide you with solutions  that align with your goals. We have  a continual process of filtering out all but the most educated and ambitious personnel so that your application not only goes to the right place, but is in the right hands.  We understand that it’s not easy to raise investment capital while working a day job, so we decided to sort out lenders that are willing to assist with down payments,  closing costs, rehab, and flip strategies.

Have our team lead your business to financial success.

Apply now and receive a free 1-on-1 business consultation to find out how much you qualify for.

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Over 150,000 businesses start up every year, with 50% of those businesses failing in the first five years. According to the U.S. Small Business Association, The top two reasons for failure are the lack of experience of the owners and operators, and inadequate capital or cash flow needed to properly startup or maintain operations. Midwest Corporate Credit consults start-up to medium size business owners on how to obtain necessary working capital; more importantly, separating the business owner’s personal credit from their business credit. This means that our clients may use the credit we obtain for them without fear of damaging their personal credit score. This peace of mind allows our clients to draw on credit lines more effectively and confidently, without fear of being denied for future loans and credit lines due to overleveraged personal credit. The strength of most business owners is the operation of their business. Our firm assists clients by providing a simple, hassle free, application process which is set in motion by a free evaluation from one of our experienced consultants. Our clients find that they are able to build their own understanding of the financial markets by leveraging the experience of our experts. This allows them to focus on the other important tasks that are essential in growing their business. In short, we save our clients time, headaches, and money by connecting them to financial products they can actually use with confidence to start or expand their business without fear of future insolvency.


Since our humble beginnings, our experts have given business owners sound advice and funding projections. Always keeping clients our #1 priority is out culture.


Are business credit cards Unsecured Business Lines of Credit?2020-01-16T20:56:46+00:00

Absolutely, a business credit card is one of the most common forms of unsecured business credit. While the format of the credit line causes most business owners from obtaining them, our trained professionals teach our clients how to draw on the lines efficiently, so that they may be used similar to a check-book line of credit, without paying outrageous cash advance fee’s. While credit cards are often stigmatized by the public by begin associated with bad-debt, our clients are coached on how to creatively utilize these cash sources to grow their businesses faster than their competition.

If my personal credit isn’t great, can I find a co-signer?2020-01-16T20:56:14+00:00

Yes, we accept co-signers. If you have someone with better credit who wishes to personally guarantee your business line of credit. Our experts will help you take the steps so that you are able to use them to acquire capital for your business.

I have great credit, why shouldn’t I just go to my bank to get a credit line?2020-01-16T20:55:38+00:00

There are two major reasons why our funding program is superior to a typical banks (1) Many lenders report business credit lines to the personal credit bureaus. This means that when you draw on the balance of the line, your personal credit can drop anywhere from 20-100 points overnight! (2) We have contacts with hundreds of lenders, each with unique lending trends, allowing us to optimize your financing mix so that you receive the most capital, with the lowest interest rate, as quickly as possible.

Will your Unsecured Business Credit Lines report to the personal credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian)?2020-01-16T20:55:07+00:00

Never! We guarantee that all business credit lines you acquire through Midwest Corporate Credit will not report to the personal credit bureaus, unless you begin missing payments and default. You may draw on the entire balances of these lines without fear of bringing down your personal credit scores!

My business is just starting up; can I still receive unsecured business credit?2020-01-16T20:54:29+00:00

Absolutely! We offer products specifically for Start-Up companies. If you’ve been in business for less than two (2) years, you may still qualify for up to $75,000 in unsecured business capital.

Do I need to provide any personal or business income verification?2020-01-16T20:51:10+00:00

That depends. Midwest Corporate Credit has programs to benefit both startup businesses, and established profitable businesses. If your business cannot presently show income, we have stated income products available to quickly grow your business into a profitable powerhouse. If your business has already experienced growth and profit, we have full doc products totaling over $250,000, allowing your business to leverage unsecured funds to continue expansion.

What can you use Unsecured Business Credit Lines For?2020-01-16T20:50:40+00:00

Our unsecured business credit lines can be used for anything, but are effectively used to overcome short term capital requirements, which we define as a 0-18 month payback period. Marketing campaigns, aggressive expansion, and flipping real estate are the most common uses of unsecured business credit lines by our clients.